Why Volunteer?

Volunteers have an enormous impact on the health and well-being of communities worldwide.

One way to measure the impact of volunteers is to take a look at how many hours were served within a year.

In 2010, 62.8 million people volunteered and using Independent Sector’s hourly estimate it was valued at $173 billion. That is a lot of value. If it were a company it would be bigger than Ford, AT&T or Apple.

Sacred Cycle Virtual Team - Eagle, Garfield, Pitkin, Denver Counties. HQ Carbondale, United States of America Apr, 05
Girl Scouts of Colorado In-person and Online opportunities in Glenwood Springs, Aspen, Basalt, Carbondale, Silt, Rifle, United States of America Mar, 29
Valley View Glenwood Springs, Colorado Feb, 15
Lift Up Rifle, CO Feb, 15
Wilderness Workshop Carbondale, Colorado Feb, 14
Thunder River Theatre Comapny Carbondale, Colorado Feb, 14
Aspen Music Festival and School Aspen, Colorado Feb, 14
Pitkin County Health & Human Services Aspen, Colorado Feb, 14
Aspen Animal Shelter Aspen, Colorado Feb, 14
Advocate Safehouse Glenwood Springs, CO Aug, 28
Family Visitor Program Glenwood Springs, CO Aug, 28
YouthEntity Carbondale, CO Aug, 28
Roaring Fork Leadership Aspen, CO Aug, 28
Aspen Thrift Shop Aspen, CO Aug, 28
Literacy Outreach Glenwood Springs, CO Aug, 28
Raising A Reader Glenwood Springs, CO Aug, 28
Challenge Aspen Aspen, CO Aug, 28
Mountain Valley Developmental Services Glenwood Springs, CO Aug, 28