Technology Guide for Distance and Digital Learning Tools


Welcome to the Technology Guide for Distance and Digital Learning Tools. This resource aims to guide individuals in the process of selecting appropriate technologies for effective online instruction as the field of education continues to rapidly evolve. Providing digital learning tools that are accessible, convenient, and flexible are advantageous for the designer and student. The guide includes information about the guide designer, introduction and rationale for the selection of the learning tools, how the tools will be used, and information about the intended audience. Here is a quick-start guide on using the LMS; please find the Course Content section below. Next, [...]

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RFL Self-Leadership


Welcome to Self-Leadership. Roaring Fork Leadership (RFL) is thrilled to provide this learning opportunity. Program Description: Self-leadership puts together taking responsibility for our outcomes, setting direction for our lives, and having tools to manage priorities. Self-leaders work at all levels of an organization. They are front-line workers, middle managers, and CEOs in every possible role. Self-leaders like Walt Disney and Wayne Gretzky worked hard to achieve their dreams without using self-leadership. However, they have demonstrated that being in control of their behavior and results, focus, practice, and learning were necessary to achieve their goals. Self-leadership requires individuals to decide what they want [...]

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RFL Mastermind


It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to RFL Mastermind 10!  Welcome to RFL Mastermind, your five-month women’s collaborative leadership program. In RFL Mastermind, you'll be moving through the five-months other women (facilitated by the preeminent coach & facilitator Nancy Fredericks) to support one another to stand strong, yet remain caring – Be a leader, and serve others – Ask for help, and offer help to others – Share our wisdom, and accept the wisdom of others. We believe that connecting to ourselves, and our community, is fundamental to flourishing leadership. The agenda of RFL Mastermind belongs to YOU as [...]

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RFL Academy 2024 Advisors


Hello Advisors! This is where you'll find resources designed to support your role as an RFL Advisor and personal leadership development. Please refer back to the RFL Academy 2024 course which includes information as the RFL Academy 2024 participants receive information about the program and sessions. Each session's information is released approximately two weeks in advance of each session. Additionally, as a lesson is released in the RFL LMS an email will sent sharing the release of new information in the LMS. At any time you need help navigating through the RFL LMS, please reach out to Andrea Palm-Porter for assistance: [...]

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RFL Academy Prerequisites


It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to RFL Academy 2024!  We selected you based on your outstanding levels of current community impact, your potential to serve our community in the future, and your personal commitment and motivation to do this program. Congratulations! To confirm your participation in the program, please complete the course requirements below by August 4, 2023. Once completed, you'll be invited to the RFL Academy Program Course.

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RFL Academy 2024


The RFL Academy prepares participants to transform conflict into effective results, personal agendas into collaborative agreements, and business as usual into an inspirational call to action. RFL Academy strives to inspire participants who will think differently about themselves and their role in their community and who will have a sense of social and civic responsibility. It is our belief that when people’s effectiveness as leaders increases, so does their desire to step up into leadership roles. In RFL Academy, participants will have the opportunity to put the leadership skills they learn into practice by applying consciousness, emotional intelligence, integrity, trust, collaboration, [...]

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