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Thank you for participating in the recommendation process for our RFL Academy program. Your support plays a vital role in our mission to cultivate effective leaders who actively engage and enrich their communities. Our view is that leadership is not something bestowed upon us, but rather a way of being. RFL provides access for its Academy participants to see possibilities where there were none, and gain a sense of personal efficacy - that they can make a difference.

By nominating someone for the RFL Academy, you not only contribute to their professional development but also have the opportunity to make their day brighter through your nomination. Your gesture of recognition and support can have a significant impact on their journey towards leadership excellence.

Upon receiving your nomination, we will promptly reach out to your nominee and provide them with detailed information about the RFL Academy. They will have the opportunity to explore the program further and, if inspired, proceed with the application process.

Please complete the information below and click the 'submit' button to recommend your candidate to the RFL Academy program.

Thank you for your commitment to fostering leadership and community engagement.

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