At RFL, we aim to cultivate and foster leaders that reflects and contributes to the diverse, global community in which we work and play to improve the lives of everyone.

Our definition of diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice is:

RFL is the diverse perspectives of our extraordinary participants and community that creates an inclusive community where everyone belongs and barriers are dismantled.

When RFL says “diversity,” it includes but is not limited to origins, races, genders, gender identity, age, social class, physical ability, ethical value systems, political beliefs, professions, religions, and sexual orientations.

In our organization, each person offers a unique set of ideas, beliefs, and skills. We value these qualities, experiences, and leadership styles, and recognize the diverse cultural, legal, societal, political, and religious environments in which we work as we implement civic projects in our communities. We consider this diversity to be our most important resource—helping us connect people and the communities.

We believe our core values and mission are strengthened when all members have a voice and are encouraged to contribute in a supportive space. Therefore, we take a collective responsibility to create an environment where everyone feels included, respected, and comfortable to bring their whole self to our programs. It the collective responsibility of RFL leadership, board of directors, and alumni to ensure RFL operates with good intent and practice.

As the societal definition of diversity is constantly evolving, we are dedicated to fostering justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI). At RFL, justice seeks to dismantle the barriers to opportunities and systemic disadvantages to people’s ability to access resources and opportunities. Equity ensures everyone has access to the same opportunities and resources so that there is an equal opportunity to thrive. Diversity encompasses the differences among us based on what we experience or encounter in access to opportunities and resources. Inclusion means fostering respect and a team spirit in our communities and embracing and amplifying the multicultural perspectives, voices, and essence of RFL.

To further reinforce an inclusive culture and foster JEDI principles, RFL is committed to:

  • Ensuring inclusivity within our programs free of discrimination
  • Developing plans to promote JEDI principles and cultural competencies among alumni across RFL
  • Creating and maintaining opportunities for engagement, education, and discourse related to issues of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion
  • Striving to build and support a community whose members have diverse cultures, backgrounds, and life experiences
  • Ensuring our leaders are role models for diversity and building an inclusive culture
  • Continually review for bias within policies and practices across the organization