Roaring Fork Leadership is known to develop BETTER LEADERS for BETTER COMMUNITIES!

Roaring Fork Leadership (RFL) helps individuals and organizations build effective leaders through training, practice and application. RFL, formerly known as Leadership Aspen, was founded in 1988 by a group of local citizens concerned about the need to strengthen relationships and skills among community leaders. RFL has been the all-encompassing leadership development organization in the area bringing about effective and collaborative community change and improvement.

Our experiential leadership models utilize high-caliber facilitators from across the country to teach adults how to be effective and invested leaders in the community. Whether individually through our flagship RFL Academy or through RFL Colab – customized training on an organizational level.

We believe leadership depends on engaging and energizing ALL community members, diagnosing the situation, framing discourse, discovering common purpose, and experimenting with ways to intervene to make progress (Steffensmeier & Chrislip, 2019). Developing this kind of leadership is itself a monumental task requiring a concerted effort to debunk existing conceptions and learn anew to shift the focus from leaders and followers to developing the civic capacity of social systems to respond to challenges. That’s why our mission is: We believe anyone can be a leader. RFL develops leadersno matter their experience, back-
ground or resourceswho make their communities better.

97% of RFL Alumni say that our programs improved their leadership skills & abilities significantly.

Upcoming Programs


RFL Mastermind is a five-month women’s collaborative leadership program. In RFL Mastermind, a group of 12-14 women come together (facilitated by the preeminent coach & facilitator Nancy Fredericks) to support one another to stand strong, yet remain caring – Be a leader, and serve others – Ask for help, and offer help to others – Share our wisdom, and accept the wisdom of others. We believe that connecting to ourselves, and our community, is fundamental to flourishing leadership. The agenda of RFL Mastermind belongs to the participants as we create a career – and life – that thrives today and far into the future.


This FREE program is being offered to Aspen-based organizations and employees with the largest need for this type of training through a grant RFL received from the USDA to ensure a vital, skilled, and effective workforce in our areas. There will be four sessions held on Friday’s from January 5th through January 26th from 1 PM – 4 PM each week in Aspen. These workshops will be held in person in Aspen. We know that increasing these types of skills result in increased quality of community, our economy, health, well-being, and life. Join our engaging public speaking program and take your speaking skills from drab to fab in just four weeks.


Did you know that RFL Academy’s tuition covers 50% of the actual cost of the program? RFL subsidizes the tuition through grants, sponsorships, and donations from individuals like YOU.

What RFL’s learned through our recent involvement in the Colorado Council on Leadership for our region about the current challenges to leadership are: barrier to access, diversification of leadership, connection and cohesion among individuals, organizations, and communities, and lastly leadership development. RFL remains dedicated to remaining relevant and realize we have a lot of work to do. We can’t do it without YOU – please schedule your donation today.