Redefining the Future of Leadership 


Roaring Fork Leadership helps individuals and organizations build effective leaders through training, practice and application. RFL, formerly known as Aspen Leadership, was founded in 1988 by a group of local citizens concerned about the need to strengthen relationships and skills among community leaders.

Our experiential leadership models utilize high-caliber facilitators from across the country to teach kids and adults how to be effective and invested leaders in the community. Whether individually through our flagship Roaring Fork Leadership Academy or through customized training on an organizational level, or through our budding youth leadership opportunities. Since 1988, Roaring Fork Leadership has been the all-encompassing leadership development organization in the Valley bringing about effective and collaborative community change and improvement.


RFL is known as THE center of excellence for:

Developing effective and invested leaders

to tackle the tough issues.

Engaging citizens in solving social issues

for improved quality of life.

Building community integration

and professional connections.

This program motivated me to join a volunteer organization and give back to the community.  It has given me an added level of maturity and skills to incorporate into my workplace and home life.  It has confirmed that each of us really can make a substantial difference in the community by contributing our personal knowledge, skills and perspectives to society in our unique and special circumstances living and/or working the Roaring Fork Valley.

Gordon Ledingham, RFL Academy Alumni, Wells Fargo

RFL provided me with an ongoing educational forum in Leadership training; an opportunity to learn about current valley wide issues, and with the contacts made, the ability to utilize these skills and information gained to be more effective in my civic and community involvement.

George Newman, RFL Founder, Pitkin County Commissioner

RFL was valuable in being able to network. I was able to meet a new group of people in my community that I would have never known without RFL. Everyone was truly an inspiration to me, seeing their accomplishments and how they contribute. Also, all of the tools that RFL provided. RFL really did give me a new outlook on the possibilities of life.

Shelbi Bauer, RFL Academy Alumni, Alpine Bank

There have been so many valuable aspects that I’ll answer this question in a more general sense: Thanks to the broad range of RFL sessions, and the progression in how they were presented, I’ve felt a transformation in my personal growth, which has led to a transformation in my professional demeanor, one that is far from complete but that I continue to work on every day.

Cindy Hirschfeld, RFL Academy Alumni, Aspen Sojourner

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