Building Effective Leaders

Today’s leaders require skills that transform conflict into collaboration for effective results, personal agendas into agreements, and business as usual into an inspirational call to action. The annual program – the Academy entails taking 40 community members through 100+ hours, over 10 months.  They represent a diverse blend of individuals from a broad range of public, private, non-profit, health, education, and business sectors.  Inside of the ‘Academy’ participants take on civic projects as a ‘laboratory’ for practicing new ways of ‘being’ a leader.

How does it work?

Participants learn the power of perception, the dynamics of trust and their own personal style. They will recognize and be able to change old patterns and build new ones through three areas of exploration:

  • Personal growth and development
  • Skill building
  • Working in a team on a civic project

The group divides into teams of six and chooses a civic project presented by community sponsors. The project is a laboratory for practicing leadership and making a difference in the community. Past projects have included Spark Youth Leadership program, the Connect database and Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore awareness campaign.

In the Communication session, Participants learn how to deal with touchy, controversial issues and how to resolve them; how to share information safely, get ideas out in the open and maintain high levels of respect.

The American political process today is characterized by hard talk and reinforced by agenda-driven media. The need for visionary leaders has never been greater.

Why Join?

  • Mutual Support
  • Differing perspectives
  • Resources
  • Accountability
  • Be part of an exclusive community/group
  • Collaboration
  • Extend your network
  • Think Bigger

How many people are in the group?

It is limited to 40 people per program.

Application and Selection Process

The application and selection process strives to create a diverse representation of the Roaring Fork Valley community.

  • Each application must include the completed application form.
  • Tuition for the RFL Academy is $2600.  Monthly payment plans are available and are encouraged if a lump sum payment is not possible.
  • There will be in-person and phone interviews prior to acceptance, to ensure fit.
  • Applicants are notified of selection in early July.

To submit an application, please complete our online application, see the top of this page.

Graduation Requirements

Participation in RFL Academy requires a commitment of time and energy. Please consider carefully the following requirements.

  • Participants who miss more than 2 meetings will be required to withdraw from the program. The integrity of the program requires that participants be present at all sessions to both learn the leadership skills and to develop personal relationships.
  • Complete all reading and writing assignments in a timely manner.
  • Respect the confidential nature of the comments and discussion made during the group meetings.
  • Tuition fee paid as outlined in the payment agreement.

Apply for RFL Academy

Apply for RFL Academy

Academy’s 10 Sessions