Catalyzing Successful Leaders

The last couple years has been trying at best. Life was put on hold in many respects. As we emerge from the pandemic, NOW is the time to slingshot into what’s next for you.

  • Career advancement?
  • Starting or growing your own business?
  • Giving back to your community?
  • Deepening connections in the valley?
  • Being a better manager, mom/dad or partner?

Whatever your personal and professional goals are – RFL’s Academy Program will help you get there.

The Academy program provides the tools, dialogue and practical application for participants to become better leaders and thus better people. 

Participants describe the 10-month program as inspiring, eye-opening, life-changing, challenging, and transformative. They often have cathartic or revitalizing experiences that bring new enthusiasm and excitement to all aspects of their life – both personally and professionally. 

If you want to develop your personal capacity to make an impact – the Academy is for you. To see our most recent graduates – click here. 

“In working to improve our communities, leadership is our most important resource. It is the engine that pulls the train. If you are involved in any group or organization, you will need to develop leadership in order to accomplish anything of significance. Why? Because it is leaders who make things happen. It is leaders who have a vision, take initiative, influence people, make proposals, organize logistics, solve problems, follow-up, and most of all — take responsibility. This is why leadership development should be a central activity for any community.” – University of Kansas’s declaration on the “Needs for Formal Leadership Development Within a Community.”

RFL Academy is a 10-month course (August through May) that includes 11 sessions, 100+ hours.

To view a draft of the dates for the upcoming cohort, please click the following link: RFL Academy 2023 DRAFT schedule

Applications for RFL Academy 2022 are due by July 31, 2022.

Once your application is received, we will contact you within a week to schedule an interview.

Tuition for RFL Academy 2023 is $3,250. Monthly payment plans are available and are encouraged if full payment upfront is not possible.

Each year the Roaring Fork Leadership Class is divided into project teams (with 6-8 participants in each) that take on a civic project.  The purpose of these teams is to provide participants the opportunity to practice their skills learned in the program while making an impact in the community.  The skills include – the process of collaboration, consensus building, team decision making, leading change, facilitation, and conflict resolution. Through the practice of these essential and vital leadership skills participants discover the value of creativity, empathy, openness, discipline, and closure – and most importantly the power to make a difference for themselves and the community. Click here for more information about civic projects and/or to submit your project for consideration.

Participation in RFL Academy requires a commitment of time and energy. Please consider carefully the following requirements.

  • Participants who miss more than 2 meetings will be required to withdraw from the program. The integrity of the program requires that participants be present at all sessions to both learn the leadership skills and to develop personal relationships.
  • Complete all reading and writing assignments in a timely manner.
  • Respect the confidential nature of the comments and discussion made during the group meetings.
  • Tuition fee paid as outlined in the payment agreement.
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This program motivated me to join a volunteer organization and give back to the community.  It has given me an added level of maturity and skills to incorporate into my workplace and home life.  It has confirmed that each of us really can make a substantial difference in the community…

Gordon Ledingham, RFL Academy Alumni, Wells Fargo

RFL provided me with an ongoing educational forum in Leadership training; an opportunity to learn about current valley wide issues, and with the contacts made, the ability to utilize these skills and information gained to be more effective in my civic and community involvement.

George Newman, RFL Founder, Pitkin County Commissioner

RFL was valuable in being able to network. I was able to meet a new group of people in my community that I would have never known without RFL. Everyone was truly an inspiration to me, seeing their accomplishments and how they contribute… RFL really did give me a new outlook on the possibilities of life.

Shelbi Bauer, RFL Academy Alumni, Alpine Bank

Thanks to the broad range of RFL sessions, and the progression in how they were presented, I’ve felt a transformation in my personal growth, which has led to a transformation in my professional demeanor, one that is far from complete but that I continue to work on every day.

Cindy Hirschfeld, RFL Academy Alumni, Aspen Sojourner

RFL helped us boost our leadership skills, and provide the tools and relationships to further expand our personal and professional goals and dreams.

Dwayne and Margaret Romero, RFL Academy Alumni

The focus of effective leadership through communication, civic leadership, and conflict resolution has helped prepare me …  The networking that RFL facilitated has helped me build relationships with many of the valley’s leaders and has allowed for numerous opportunities for collaboration.

Austin Weiss, RFL Academy Alumni, Aspen's Director of Parks

Participating in the Academy program has helped me see a path to integrate the personal growth, intuitive and spiritual side of myself with the business, practical and outcomes driven side of myself.

Dave Levine, RFL Academy Alumni, Dave Levine, RFL Academy Alumni

RFL has affected my leadership journey by connecting me with individuals and teaching me the language of leadership. The skills and knowledge taught in the program have impacted my life by raising my level of awareness, skill, and education, so that I may continue to be of service to the communities I’m involved in.

Tony Mendez, RFL Academy Alumni, Alpine Legal Services

Academy’s 11 Sessions