Customized Training + Facilitation

Roaring Fork Leadership CoLab (Collaborative Solutions) offers customized training and facilitation for your organization. From large groups to small groups, for-profit, non-profit, government, individuals through our training programs, keynotes, assessments and individual coaching.

We start the discovery process based on finding the specific needs, goals, and outcomes of the who we work with. We build the customized training from the group up and incorporate your culture. We understand not everyone’s learning style is the same as our trainings are innovative, experiential, adaptive and interactive.

No matter what your organization’s training needs are, we can customize a program that aligns with your goals and outcomes or provides standardized trainings if those are a better fit for your needs. Our trainers are the best of the best in their area of expertise and know the challenges and trends that organizations are dealing with today.

Our RFL CoLab Services:

  • Coaching
  • Training
  • Facilitation
  • Keynote Speakers
  • Business Strategy (Profit and Non-Profit)

If RFL CoLab isn’t the fit – we have other options that may be more suited as we are committed to supporting our community in developing leaders. Those other options could be through our annual RFL Academy, RFL MasterMind, RFL Live,  and RFL Connect.

Share with us your training needs and I’m confident we can find a solution.

For more information contact Andrea Palm-Porter @ 970-922-6035 or email @

“Employee growth and development is critical to the success of any business or entity.  The Aspen Recreation Center worked with RFCCL and Andrea Palm-Porter on a two-day leadership training to enhance leadership skills of our key staff.  The two days created a language which has enhanced communication.  Andrea gave us the tools to align with vision, remove assumptions and accomplish a higher level of communication.  We continue to draw upon this training like tools in a tool belt.  The Aspen Recreation will continue to work with RFCCL/Andrea Palm-Porter and these classes as we have seen a direct relationship between improved performance and an energized team.  RFCCL has remained a continual and available resource for myself and my team.”

Erin Hutchings, Operations Manager for the Aspen Recreation Center

“Andrea Palm-Porter has directed the Roaring Fork Leadership and Roaring Fork Center for Community Leadership programming to renewed success. As the single-most revered program of its kind among professionals of the Roaring Fork Valley, Roaring Fork Leadership takes its place alongside some of the most esteemed leadership programs in the region. With alumni representing a virtual whos-who of CEO’s, executive directors, program directors, project managers, principals, entrepreneurs, and thought-leaders across every industry — Roaring Fork Leadership attributes its enduring reputation and broad influence to Andrea’s steadfast leadership and talent for executive training. I have personally seen my own business blossom as a direct result participating in her programs.”

Evan Michael Zislis, Author of Clutter Free Revolution & Owner of Intentional Solutions

“Facilitation and Training for CMC Dean’s Retreat that included: trust building, team effectiveness, collaboration, accountability, decision making, roles, and feedback.  “Our goals as a leadership team were to learn about each other’s strengths and how to build on them.  How to build trust and better communication skills. We needed to build better cohesiveness and learn about what accountability looks like.  Andrea was able to meet our needs as a facilitator.  She pre-interviewed each participant and put together a day-long program that was insightful, fun, engaging and thought-provoking.  We would highly recommend her to any team that is willing to look inward to produce better results outward.  She also provided some useful follow-up tools so that we could continue the conversations and the learning and growing.”

Maureen Stepp, Assistant Dean of Instruction, Colorado Mountain College, Roaring Fork Campus

“Facilitation and Training for CMC Dean’s Retreat that included: trust building, team effectiveness, collaboration, accountability, decision making, roles, and feedback. Andrea’s leadership was able to bring a group of CMC leaders together to build team effectiveness and increase our capacity for communication. She helped us see that we are alike in so many ways which took down some walls that were standing in the way of our group’s effectiveness. Because our team spans several different departments and locations, communication silos can easily emerge and self-perpetuate. Since the workshop we did with Andrea, our cohesion and communication has increased exponentially, and this improvement is based on the foundation of trust we were able to start building with Andrea.”

Adrian Fielder, Assistant Dean of Instruction, Colorado Mountain College, Spring Valley Campus

“CORE utilized RFCCL and Andrea Palm-Porter to guide/facilitate our Board/Staff retreat where she continued work that we’d begun with Ron Gager.  We recently asked her back to facilitate our staff strategic planning meeting.  Specific to our staff planning meeting, Andrea worked with me to develop an agenda that would result in a productive day for our team.  We all felt that we could participate in the discussion and provide our team the opportunity to identify priorities that would allow us to focus our work as our staff is stretched beyond our capacity and we are not poised to add staff at this time. Andrea helped guide our team in a way that was very productive helpful and fun. In fact, one staff person stated that this was one of the most productive retreats she’d ever been a part of.  We are still carrying out the work in areas that we identified needed more detail.  CORE has worked with Andrea three different times for strategic planning and I know we will utilize Andrea’s and the RFCCL expertise again. I highly recommend utilizing this fantastic resource that is available in the Roaring Fork Valley.”

Mona Newton, Executive Director, Community Office for Resource Efficiency

Our Most Requested Leadership Training Topics:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Emotional Intelligence Assessments
  • Communication & Conflict
  • Decision Making
  • Effective Teams
  • Strategic Development
  • Expectations & Accountability
  • Integrity & Trust
  • Time Management

Some of Our RFL CoLab Clients: