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An Opportunity to Explore Resiliency Through Feedback:

Human brains are like machines, they are constantly scanning the environment for threats, using past experiences to quickly assess and size up this present situation.  By using past experiences, the brain completes these assessments (judgements) within nanoseconds.  These judgements then influence decision making.  Because humans are communicating all the time, we are giving and receiving feedback through our actions, facial expressions, lack of action, verbal and written responses, body language, tone of voice, etc. Being present to this dynamic is key to being an effective leader.  Without it, leaders often become isolated and do not receive and/or recognize the feedback they need to make prudent business decisions and improve their effectiveness. For example, the belief that “no news is good news” can lure a leader into a false sense of security, when in fact he or she may be misreading a situation.  This is referred to as a blind spot.  Elevating your proficiency with giving and receiving feedback can identify blind spots and greatly improve resiliency.

Theresa Anuszewski works at Alpine Bank as an AVP Commercial Banking, working with businesses to streamline workflows and enhance cash flow through electronic banking services. The reason she is leading an RFL session on feedback, is twofold – first she has 20+ years of experience from holding executive positions at a Fortune 500 company, and the second reason comes from her continued commitment to enhancing leadership skills in both herself and others. Because communication is not optional for human beings, we are constantly giving and receiving feedback. A key to being an effective leader is being conscious of this dynamic and developing these skills. With Theresa’s commitment to a world that works for everyone with no one and nothing left out, she shares both lessons learned as well as key strategies to leverage the power of feedback as a vital skill required of effective leaders.

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