It is more critical than ever to have the skills you need to be an effective leader- whether it be at work, home or in the community.  Roaring Fork Leadership provides you access to skills that employers are looking for: critical thinking, collaboration, and engaging diverse perspectives.

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Roaring Fork Leadership provides access to new ways of being a leader – and we relate to everyone as the powerful capable leaders that they are.  Our view is that Leadership is not something bestowed upon us, but rather a way of  ‘being.’  RFL provides access for it’s participants to see possibilities where there were none, and gain a sense of personal efficacy – that they can make a difference.  This makes for a powerful combination and RFL now has over 700+ graduates ‘being’ leaders in our community.

Roaring Fork Leadership has been serving the Roaring Fork valley for 27 years.  Each year we solicit the community for applicants, and then intentionally assemble a group of approximately 40 diverse community members that will jointly embark on a journey of leadership discovery and breakthroughs.

If you are interested in being part of this leadership transformation for our valley, then consider the following ways to be involved: