Marielle Cowdin

Growing up, Marielle split her time between the D.C. area and Estes Park, Colorado, but it was the mountains that felt most like home. Marielle graduated from Colorado College in 2008 with honors in Art History after writing her undergraduate thesis on female photographers challenging the status quo of the predominantly male gaze and aesthetic of society. After nearly a decade working in the non-profit environmental world and building a coalition known as the Oregon Brewshed Alliance, Marielle went back to school and received her master’s in Environmental Law & Policy from Lewis & Clark Law School in Oregon. She currently works as the Director of Public Relations for the Colorado River District. 

Outside of work, Marielle prioritizes spending time with her dogs while backpacking, fly fishing, or reading a book by the river. She’s also an amateur photographer, cellist, fiddle player, weaver, and loves to write, particularly personal essays. Previously, Marielle worked as a wrangler, taking people on guided horseback rides near Rocky Mountain National Park. At RFL, Marielle is excited to meet other professionals in the Roaring Fork Valley, to learn from experts in the community, and build new relationships and skills to help her become a more engaged and effective local leader.