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Alumni Highlight: Josh Axler


Q & A with Josh Axler, RFL Academy 2021 Alum These days, you won’t find Josh Axler behind a desk — or even on dry land — very frequently. The RFL Academy 2021 alum spends much of his time at sea, sailing a large carbon race boat or his own, much smaller, wooden boat, Heike. "She's my baby!" he says. Axler realized the hard way that he was not suited for a conventional path through life. At school in Flagstaff, Arizona, he struggled to sit through class and stay focused and eventually got kicked out of the ninth grade (technically, [...]

Alumni Highlight: Josh Axler2022-11-15T07:45:16-07:00

Alumni Highlight: Susan Harig


Q & A with Susan Harig, RFL Board President and 2018 RFL Mastermind Alumni Susan Harig Susan Harig moved to the Roaring Fork Valley from Las Vegas in 2013 with her husband, Jeff, and their son, Tillman. Tired of the intense heat and confines of city life, she found the big life change she sought in the valley’s cool mountain air and rural setting — a place where her son could climb trees and play outside on his own. In her professional life, too, Susan was also looking for a change. Previously, she was wearing suits and [...]

Alumni Highlight: Susan Harig2022-10-13T12:27:10-06:00

Alumni Highlight: Mitzi Rapkin


Q & A with Mitzi Rapkin, RFL Academy 2013 Alumni: You might recognize longtime Roaring Fork Valley resident, Mitzi Rapkin, from her podcast, First Draft, where she interviews authors about their writing — fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and essays. She’s also a former outdoor educator, guide, public radio reporter, and most recently, an entrepreneur. We chatted with Mitzi about starting a life-coaching business and the role RFL has played in her varied career path.  RFL: First off, how long have you lived in the valley?  Mitzi Rapkin: Twenty years. Back in the summer of 1992, I was an intern for ACES [...]

Alumni Highlight: Mitzi Rapkin2022-09-19T13:40:08-06:00

Alumni Highlight: Jannette Whitcomb


Q & A with Jannette Whitcomb, RFL Academy 2002 Originally from Illinois, Jannette Whitcomb moved to the Roaring Fork Valley 24 years ago to work for the City of Aspen’s Environmental Health Department where she focused on providing programs that empowered the community to improve their health and well-being. After years of “leading from the side,” as Jannette describes, this past June, she achieved a longtime career goal of taking on a director-level position when she was named Garfield County’s new Environmental Health Manager.   Recently, RFL sat down with Jannette to learn more about her career path and how [...]

Alumni Highlight: Jannette Whitcomb2022-08-05T17:19:19-06:00

Alumni Highlight: Stuart Fox


Q & A with Stuart Fox, RFL Academy and Mastermind Alumni, and former RFL Board member A lifelong Coloradan, Stuart Fox ended up in the Roaring Fork Valley through his wife, who grew up in Aspen. She’s a fourth-grade teacher at Aspen Elementary School, which she attended as a child and where their daughter now goes. "It’s a full circle,” Fox says.  Fox appreciates his wife’s deep, rich connections to the Valley, but when they moved here in 2012, he also wanted to strengthen his own sense of community — both personally and professionally. After meeting multiple people who had completed [...]

Alumni Highlight: Stuart Fox2022-07-11T15:34:43-06:00

Alumni Highlight: Caitlin Carey


Q & A with Caitlin Carey, RFL Academy 2018 Growing up in the South, Caitlin Carey was taught to “be less” as she puts it. Talk less; don’t be so loud; don't wear bright colors; straighten your hair. “Less of you and more of your husband.” Though Carey eventually went to law school, which empowered her to share her opinion and write persuasively, she struggled with her decision to not take the bar exam and become a practicing lawyer. She wanted to be the “background person,” doing research and drafting briefs, but she found that other lawyers — particularly older male [...]

Alumni Highlight: Caitlin Carey2022-06-16T10:12:11-06:00


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