Maisa Metcalf

Maisa is a Community Outreach Coordinator at Holy Cross Energy (HCE) and holds a bachelor’s degree in sustainability studies from Colorado Mountain College. Originally from Brazil, Maisa is multi-lingual and is able to put those skills to use helping HCE’s most vulnerable members access energy assistance programs and resources. Maisa also oversees HCE’s youth education and engagement programs. Prior to joining HCE, Maisa worked as the deputy director of CLEER, working to accelerate the transition to a clean energy economy. Earlier in her career, Maisa was also involved in the development of the statewide Colorado Affordable Residential Energy Program (CARE), helping income-qualified families access affordable weatherization for their homes. Outside of work, Maisa enjoys being outdoors, camping, hiking, snowboarding and cycling. She also volunteers at her daughter’s school, Sopris Elementary, and participates in Holy Cross Energy’s sponsored volunteer events with organizations such as Salvation Army and Roaring Fork Outdoor Volunteers. At RFL, Maisa is interested in increasing her self-awareness and learning how she can be a more effective leader in her organization and in her community.