There is a need for upskilling, reskilling, onboarding, and rebounding

training to ensure a vital workforce. 

Employers directly benefit from investing in their employees through education, training, and development. Additionally, investing in staff results in increased productivity, engagement, and organizational success. Our rural Colorado workforce has changed over the past two years with more remote workers, up to five generations working in the workforce, globalization, high housing prices, lack of affordable housing, and lack of child care options or cost. There are pockets of progress and innovative ideas on these issues, although we continue to struggle.

Roaring Fork Leadership (RFL), Colorado Mountain College (CMC), COVENTURE, Colorado Workforce, and BOCES set out to inquire about improving the workforce and community’s skill sets for increased quality of health, well-being, and life for both adults and youth. These collaborating entities want to support our communities by providing the necessary upskilling, reskilling, onboarding, and reboarding opportunities through programming, certificates, degrees, resources, and innovative approaches.

RFL and CMC conducted four discussions with leaders, employers, and employees with a total of 25+ people. RFL completed a survey with 130 responses. Four podcasts were also produced on the subject. Lastly, research on the vitality of entrepreneurs in starting a business. Approx. 120 hours of discussions and research was conducted to gather data to understand needs and opportunities.

COVENTURE, Colorado Workforce, and BOCES convened with 118 businesses and identified 9 industries that want to support youth workforce development with a path for high school students to navigate careers non-traditionally, through trade-schools, mentorships, certificate programs, and such.

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