Your Community Needs YOU! 

Use your unique leadership skill set to connect with your community! RFL has seven amazing civic project ideas that will give you the opportunity to help them enact tramendous change throughout the valley. If you want to be apart of an RFL Alumni Civic Project Team let us know – with enough interest this effort could help support more local intiatives!

To sign up for any of these civic project ideas – click here!

  • Safe Drive/Imagine Glenwood:

    Help us develop a strategic plan including a media campaign to slow and control traffic to the posted speed limits in Glenwood Springs historic core from 7th Street to 23rd Street.Help us to visually link this effort to CDOT’s current statewide initiatives to save highway lives: Vision Zero and Safety Begins with all of us.Help us identify and access available grants.Develop PSA announcements focusing on statistics (futility of speeding) and creative ways to “hook” listeners​. Identify stakeholders; Help us develop an outreach document to be sent to stakeholders that encourages participation.

  • Strategic Plan/The Salvation Army:

    A lead in doing a strategic plan, so it is done with thoroughness. I want to learn but feel me being the lead is not the best for the unit. The day to day operations and client needs are always demanding. I cannot be more specific citing examples, because I do not have the skills and knowledge required for the strategic plan. The importance is the gaps, childcare, transportation, housing, etc. I have spoken to my management regarding my concerns and questions and they welcome my open questions for pivoting services but they do rely on the community to give direction. Headquarters does not want to direct and that is positive for the local units. I feel we do impact positively the people in the community, I want to continue that but feel a different path should be investigated.

  • United Way Battlement to the Bells​/Permanent Supportive Housing Outreach Campaign:

    Under the leadership of Western Regional Mountain Health Alliance (WRMHA), the Roaring Fork Leaders and United Way VISTAs will collaborate to create an outreach campaign to garner support for a permanent supportive housing development in the area. The RFL team will help United Way reach out to key stakeholders in the community, develop a public relations campaign, hold town hall meetings, and reach out to targeted individuals. In this way we hope to garner significant public support for this effort.

  • Pitkin County/Housing Stability Community Education Strategic Plan

    Research, create, facilitate, and implement an expanded community education strategic plan that will assist the Pitkin County Housing Stability Coalition in advancing solutions and crucial dialogue to end veteran and chronic homelessness and develop a pathway to end all homelessness by 2025.

  • Tire Recycle Program/The Way of Compassion Bicycle Project:

    Currently, there is no clear pathway to properly disposing of used bicycle tires. This project would research the viability of a potential bicycle tire recycling program, implement a small scale effort using the community bicycle project, and demonstrate a scalable model for the Roaring Fork Valley. We would then present the model to valley bicycle shops to see if there is interest in using this model to reduce the number of bicycle tires that end up in the landfill. This model could then be scaled further (County/state/country).

  • YouthZone/Documentary:

    This would be a documentary or film (and potentially podcasts from the interviews) on what the life of our teen youth has looked like over the years in this valley. What did a day in the life of a teen in Rifle, GWS or Aspen look like in the 1970’s? What issues were they focused on, what gave them joy or caused them to stay up at night. How has this valley changed and how are we supporting and engaging our youth now vrs. 40 years ago. YouthZone would also like to have our interaction with youth over the years be a piece of the documentary or secondary documentary so we could use the film with or without including YouthZone. Our hope is that we can get a picture of real trends in mental health, self esteem, optimism, substance use and then use that to look at what needs to happen now for youth in order to have hope for their future and see the possibilities available to them. The project could include a planning guide on best ways to engage the community with the film and podcasts. The RFL team would create this film from the ground up. Interviewing the adults who grew up 40 years ago, interviewing youth now, filming, and editing to completed project.

  • Leadership Needs in the Valley/RFL, CMC, Aspen Skiing Company:

    Identify Roaring Fork Valley’s future leadership needs, competencies, and traits so that our community and business leaders can proactively develop programming to support these skills in order to remain impactful and relevant amidst the fourth industrial revolution.  This will result in increased employee engagement, retention, productivity and profitability for our community.