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Welcome to the Technology Guide for Distance and Digital Learning Tools. This resource aims to guide individuals in the process of selecting appropriate technologies for effective online instruction as the field of education continues to rapidly evolve. Providing digital learning tools that are accessible, convenient, and flexible are advantageous for the designer and student.

The guide includes information about the guide designer, introduction and rationale for the selection of the learning tools, how the tools will be used, and information about the intended audience.

Here is a quick-start guide on using the LMS; please find the Course Content section below. Next, find the course lessons and topics within the Course Content section. For example, students will first see About Andrea Palm-Porter, the instructional guide designer and instructor, and Introduction to Digital Tools, which are lessons. Next, users may find topics within a lesson, although always click on the lesson first, then proceed to topics, if available for that specific lesson. For example, in the Introduction to Digital Tools lesson, individuals will also see topics where users can select the expand prompt highlighted in blue on the right to see Getting Started with LearnDash (LMS) and Getting Started with H5P

To begin – click on the lesson About Andrea Palm-Porter. After reading the lesson about Andrea, click on mark complete at the bottom of the webpage. Students will automatically go to the next lesson, Introduction to Digital Tools

Good luck, and if students have any questions, contact