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Welcome to Self-Leadership. Roaring Fork Leadership (RFL) is thrilled to provide this learning opportunity.

Program Description: Self-leadership puts together taking responsibility for our outcomes, setting direction for our lives, and having tools to manage priorities. Self-leaders work at all levels of an organization. They are front-line workers, middle managers, and CEOs in every possible role. Self-leaders like Walt Disney and Wayne Gretzky worked hard to achieve their dreams without using self-leadership. However, they have demonstrated that being in control of their behavior and results, focus, practice, and learning were necessary to achieve their goals. Self-leadership requires individuals to decide what they want from life and do what is necessary to get the desired results. This online course will help participants internalize the four pillars of self-leadership and make meaningful, empowered choices while taking action to get where they want to go.

This course is intended for adult learners across multiple generations, from 18 to 70 years of age, who are interested in self-awareness and leadership.

Before starting the program, there are a few things to cover: learning about the learning technologies in this course, including why RFL has selected these tools to engage and enhance a student’s experience.

Here is a quick-start guide on using the LMS; please find the Course Content section below. Students will find the course lessons and topics within the Course Content section. For example, students will first see About Andrea Palm-Porter, the instructional course designer and instructor, and Introduction to Digital Tools, which are lessons. Next, students may find topics within a lesson, although always click on the lesson first, then proceed to topics, if available for that specific lesson. For example, in the Introduction to Digital Tools lesson, students will also see topics where students can select the expand prompt highlighted in blue on the right to see Getting Started with LearnDash (LMS) and Getting Started with H5P

To begin – click on the lesson About Andrea Palm-Porter. After reading the lesson about Andrea, click on mark complete at the bottom of the webpage. Students will automatically go to the next lesson, Introduction to Digital Tools

Good luck, and if students have any questions, contact