RFL Academy Agreements

Participation in Roaring Fork Leadership Academy requires a substantial commitment in time and energy from each class member. Participants financial commitment of $2,625 covers 60% of the costs of the program. The remaining $2,000+ is an investment in you from the community. To maximize this investment from both the participant and the community, please consider carefully the following expectations for participating in the annual program: 

  • Participants commit to attending the first two sessions and realize that if they cannot attend either of these, it will automatically eliminate them as a participant from continuing with the program.
  • Participants will not miss more than 2 sessions. If they are unable to attend a session day, they will be communication with the Executive Director as soon as possible. If they miss more than two sessions, they acknowledge that they will be required to drop from the program.
  • Participants will establish a carpool with other participants and leverage this whenever possible.
  • Participants will be present and open to the materials and discussion at each session to enrich both personal experiences as well as the experiences of others in the program. Participants will avoid scheduling work or family related activities for the breaks during the session days. This includes making arrangements for childcare.
  • Participants will arrive on time for each session (sessions usually start at 8:00 am) and be in communication with the Executive Director if they are going to be late.
  • Participants will fully participate in exercises and group activities during each session, including capturing key learning points that they will put into practice in-between the sessions.
  • Participants commit to participating in my civic project team by, 1) fully supporting the team effort, 2) practicing the skills learned in the program, and 3) delivering on the results we set forth for the community.
  • Participants commit to completing all reading and written assignments within designated timeframes, this includes program evaluations at the end of each session and at the end of the program.
  • Participants will hold confidential the nature of personal comments and discussions made during the program.
  • Participants commit to 1) having respect for all individuals and property; 2) maintaining a culture of trust, credibility, and open communication; 3) avoiding conflicts or other activity that would impair or violate RFL’s high standards and goals; and, 4) protect RFL’s uncompromising values. Any such violation of this type of behavior could result in being asked to leave the program.
  • Participants commit to fulfilling on their tuition requirement, by either having made ‘payment in full’ by September 1 or having an ‘agreed upon’ payment plan in place.