Tessa Schreiner

Tessa is the sustainability manager for the city of Aspen. Tessa grew up in Atlanta, Georgia and moved to Florida for college to pursue an international business bachelor’s degree from Rollins College. After college, she moved to Spain to teach English for two years before returning to Florida to receive a master’s in global sustainability from the University of South Florida in Tampa. Tessa has been working in local government for the past eight years and in her role with the city of Aspen, she leads the Climate Office in implementing strategies, policies, and programs to meet the City’s science-based targets for greenhouse gas reduction, with a focus on the built environment, transportation, and waste. Tessa is passionate about leadership and coaching, personal and professional development, and effective communication. She sits on Carbondale’s Environmental Board and spends a lot of her free time at the Carbondale Clay Center making pottery. At RFL Mastermind, Tessa is excited to grow her leadership and coaching skills and learn from other women in the Roaring Fork Valley.