Project Description

Chris Beebe, Founder & CEO, Nexus Media Group, L.L.C. Chris is also a Managing Member at The B.C.S. Group, L.L.C.

Chris has a B.S. in Political Science from Colorado State University and a M.A. Architecture from the University of Colorado at Denver. Chris is involved in the community through his volunteer work; Trail Agent with Roaring Fork Mountain Bike Association, Director with Red Hill Council, and Human-powered rep with BLM User Group to rewrite the Colorado River Basin Field Office Resource Management Plan

RFL interested Chris because he’s looking to step up in his business and community life. He’s always been the behind-the-scenes guy, sometimes stirring the pot a little too vigorously (read: peanut gallery). The RFL alums that he’s known have a certain confidence about them that’s attractive, and the program is local.

Chris is looking forward to learning more about himself, what holds him back, how and where he can impact, and how to build a great team with synergy. He is looking forward to the accountability that can be provided to each other, and the kind of exploration that can only happen with a group of adventurous souls. And lastly, building relationships in service to the valley that will go on beyond the academy will bring a new richness to his life!