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Leadership Tip of the Month: July 2023


5 ways to grow as a leader this summer Summer is here! Take time to step back, reflect, and prepare for what's next with these five tips. 1. Focus on time management Summer is a great time to work on developing your time management skills. Warm weather and longer days are calling out to you to enjoy, but if you’re used to working long hours on your business, summer isn’t going to feel that different than any other time of year. Pick your favorite summer activity and use that as your extra motivation to build your time management skills.Learning to [...]

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Alumni Highlight: Alan Luu


Q & A with Alan Luu, RFL Academy 2020 June 11 2021Reese Henry PortraitsAspen MeadowsMatt Power Photography RFL alum, Alan Luu, first learned about Sacred Cycle through his civic project during RFL Academy 2020. Using his background as a graphic designer and marketing consultant, he, along with his team, helped the organization develop the “Healing our Community” message.  The experience evolved into a much deeper involvement as Luu realized Sacred Cycle’s mission to empower sexual assault survivors through cycling and the outdoors resonated. We chatted with Alan about how RFL helped him lean into areas of his life outside [...]

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