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RFL Academy 2020 Civic Project Selections


RFL is very excited to be working with the following organizations to support their efforts to improve our community! Team 1: Valley View Hospital, Meals on Wheels The RFL team can help seek community partners for the Meals on Wheels program while developing a business proposal. The team can brainstorm funding opportunities and engage key stakeholders within the community to collaborate in sustaining the program. The RFL team can conduct a needs assessment within the Roaring Fork Valley to better understand the population and overall need in our community for this service. In 2018, the program served 2,167 meals to 32 community [...]

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RFL Civic Project Opportunity for Alumni


Your Community Needs YOU!  Use your unique leadership skill set to connect with your community! RFL has seven amazing civic project ideas that will give you the opportunity to help them enact tramendous change throughout the valley. If you want to be apart of an RFL Alumni Civic Project Team let us know - with enough interest this effort could help support more local intiatives! To sign up for any of these civic project ideas - click here! Safe Drive/Imagine Glenwood: Help us develop a strategic plan including a media campaign to slow and control traffic to the [...]

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