Leaders Wanted to Shape our FutureRoaring Fork Leadership is Accepting Applications for RFL Academy 2021 

Aspen, CO (May 14, 2020– The most important factor going forward in today’s COVID-19 environment is leadership and developing community leaders. That is why it’s more important than ever before for RFL to continue to prepare those who will shape our communities and our world. The Roaring Fork Valley’s foremost leadership and professional development program, Roaring Fork Leadership (RFL) is now accepting applications for their annual leadership program, RFL Academy 2021.   

The annual RFL Academy entails taking a select group of community members through 100+ hours of training and dialogue that is critical for personal, professional, and community problem solving and effectiveness. Inside of the ‘program’ participants take on civic projects as a ‘laboratory’ for practicing new ways of ‘being’ a leader and making a difference in our community. The RFL Academy consists of three elements: personal and professional leadership development, community engagement that solves social issues, and building community integration and collaboration.  

All sessions are held in the Roaring Fork Valley, and RFL will adapt as needed to ensure COVID-19 safety standards are in place. The class meets monthly from late August to May, covering a variety of topics presented by experienced educators and trainers in leadership development. Curriculum topics include Conscious Leadership, Effective Communication, Change Leadership, and Critical Thinking/Emotional Intelligence. Graduates leave with newfound confidence, and skills to solve personal, professional, and civic challenges.    

There are over 900 alumni of the program, of which 80% still live in the valley. The impact that these individuals have on our community is profound.   

“Humans are expected to “lead” in a world of acceleration and adaptability. The rate at which humans’ adaptability to the rate of change is not being kept up with. Humans are being left behind, and we need to figure out how to stay relevant, innovative, self-lead, resilient, and adaptive. This is where RFL comes in, to narrow the gap between our capacity and the rate of change,” said Andrea Palm-Porter, RFL Executive Director. “Our view is that Leadership is not something bestowed upon us, but rather a way of ‘being.’ RFL provides access for its participants to see possibilities where there were none, and gain a sense of personal efficacy – that they can make a difference.”   

The application deadline for the RFL Academy 2021 is June 15, 2020.  Applications are available on-line at   

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