Once every three years, Aspen Airport runs a full-scale stimulated aircraft disaster, as federally mandated. Aspen Airport is in need of fifty volunteers, on June 4th, who will act as accident victims and family members of victims. How cool would it be if all 50 volunteer positions were filled with RFL Alumni?! This is a phenomenal opportunity for RFL Alumni to participate in civic engagement and to network with one another! 

Why Volunteer for RFL?

The 2018 Volunteering in America report found that 77.34 million adults (30.3 percent) volunteered through an organization last year. Altogether, Americans volunteered nearly 6.9 billion hours, worth an estimated $167 billion in economic value, based on the Independent Sector’s estimate of the average value of a volunteer hour for 2017. Millions more are supporting friends and family (43.1 percent) and doing favors for their neighbors (51.4 percent), suggesting that many are engaged in acts of “informal volunteering.”

“The fabric of our nation is strengthened by the service of its volunteers. When we stand side-by-side to help others, our differences fade away and we learn that Americans have more in common than we realize,” said Barbara Stewart, CEO of the Corporation for National and Community Service.