The Benefits of Mastermind


The RFL Mastermind program aims to bring together a small group of women with the purpose of unlocking and catalyzing unprecedented growth - both professionally and personally. This is done through a process known as mastermind ... but is also known-as as peer-coaching, small-group coaching, and as a forum. The benefits of a mastermind group are explained in detail by Brenda Steinberg and Michael Watkins in their Harvard Business Review article, "The Surprising Power of Peer Coaching." "The benefits of small-group coaching come from powerful learning interactions among leaders who aren't on the same team but are roughly equal in experience [...]

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Support The Organization You Love


#GivingTuesday It’s here … Giving Tuesday! A worldwide movement to unleash radical generosity. Please consider making a donation in honor of Giving Tuesday to RFL. Join us as we work to catalyze leadership in the Valley, through our transformational programs, with the mission of strengthening our vibrant communities. ✔️ Our goal is to raise $12,000 - ensuring that we can provide RFL programming to everyone, regardless of their financial ability. ✔️ Pre-scheduling your donation (for December 7th, 2021) through increases the value of your dollar through a $1.6M Incentive Fund.   Schedule My Donation Now!   “The most valuable aspect of RFL [...]

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RFL’s Board of Directors is Growing


RFL helps individuals and organizations build effective leaders through training, practice, and application. Our leadership training and programs immerse individuals in experiential learning to shift conversations from 'right/wrong' to 'what works/doesn't work.' This builds a safe and trusted environment so that collaborative decision-making and civic dialogue are possible. Upon completion of the programs, we connect our leaders to opportunities to serve for the betterment of our local communities We are looking for individuals who are fully committed to the vision and service of RFL and dedicated to carrying out its mission and the work of the organization. As a [...]

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Submitted Civic Projects 2022


  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  Roaring Fork Leadership Address Community Needs to Increase Civic Capacity  Aspen, CO (October 15, 2021) – Last month Roaring Fork Leadership (RFL) shared the results of the Roaring Fork Valley’s Capacity Civic Index (CCI) - Colorado State Universities assessment of a community’s ability to collectively respond and make progress on shared and complex challenges in cooperative, equitable, and democratic ways. The Roaring Fork Valley received a “struggling” score on the CCI, indicating a need for increased community civic capacity to address and solve community needs.   Following these CCI results, we put out a call to the community asking for Civic Projects that could improve these benchmarks. The following organizations took positive initiative and submitted Civic Project ideas aimed at enhancing the valley’s CCI and social issues: Valley Health Alliance, Roaring Fork [...]

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Add RFL to Your LinkedIn


After the successful completion of RFL Academy and RFL Mastermind, you are eligible to add Roaring Fork Leadership to your LinkedIn profile. Spotlight your professional development and unlock opportunities! Click the appropriate link below to get step-by-step directions on how to add RFL to your LinkedIn! To Add RFL Academy to LinkedIn To Add RFL Mastermind to LinkedIn

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Civic Projects Needed


Civic Projects– Working Together to Solve Community Issues Roaring Fork Leadership (RFL) recently engaged with Colorado State University to examine the Roaring Fork Valley’s Civic Capacity. Utilizing the Civic Capacity Index (CCI), the CCI looks at a community’s ability to collectively respond and make progress on shared and complex challenges in cooperative, equitable, and democratic ways. Unfortunately, the results of this study indicate that the Roaring Fork Valley is struggling …  But there’s hope! If you’re looking to be a part of the positive change then look no further. Every year the participants of RFL Academy work on Civic Projects, in collaboration [...]

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Teams Research


Highly effective teams are known for their ability to create new possibilities, enhance systems, and expand resources. Interested in learning what it takes to create and sustain a highly effective team? Download your free copy by filling out the form! If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to [email protected]

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A Message from the new RFL Board President!


RFL is proud to introduce you to our new Board President, Founder of Sopris Health & Wellness and RFL Academy 2018 Alumni, Bryan Ward!  “As an RFL Academy Alum, Civic Project Coach, and Board Member, I have experienced what makes RFL such a transformativeexperience. As the newly appointedboard president of the organization, I hope to continue our mission to develop leaders to serve the Roaring Fork Valley and beyond. My goal is to work with our board and fellow alumni to build the bestleadership program in the state.  We will also renew our commitment todiversity and fabricate a stronger alumni network. There are many exciting things to come!" - Bryan Ward [...]

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Alumni Spotlight!


Last month RFL Academy 2012 alumni, Kevin Warner was named the new Aspen-Sopris District Ranger of the White River National Forest! This promotion is huge and equates to Kevin overseeing 750,000 acres of forest lands within five different wilderness areas, including with five ski resorts, and the Maroon Bells Recreation Area.    Congratulations, Kevin! We asked Kevin how his time with RFL helped him reach this instrumental advancement in his career. Here are two points that impacted him the most!  "GO SLOW TO GO FAST.  I try to practice this any time that I am starting something new.  I [...]

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Faces of Leadership: Tom Dodd, 2016 Colorado Principal of the Year


2016 Colorado Principal of the Year and 2017 National Principal of the Year Tom went through RFL, he was the vice principal of Aspen High School. He wanted to participate in RFL to get the opportunity to be able to get to know other class members with a similar commitment to improving the Aspen community and the greater Roaring Fork Valley. He left the Roaring Fork Valley in 2005 to pursue his Ph.D. and is now the principal a Lesher Middle School in Fort Collins. Through RFL he learned that integrity, honesty, and service are the most important values of true [...]

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