The RFL Mastermind program aims to bring together a small group of women with the purpose of unlocking and catalyzing unprecedented growth – both professionally and personally. This is done through a process known as mastermind … but is also known-as as peer-coaching, small-group coaching, and as a forum. The benefits of a mastermind group are explained in detail by Brenda Steinberg and Michael Watkins in their Harvard Business Review article, “The Surprising Power of Peer Coaching.”

“The benefits of small-group coaching come from powerful learning interactions among leaders who aren’t on the same team but are roughly equal in experience and position. By bringing people together who have no formal accountability to or interactions with each other, you can create deep learnings that wouldn’t be available otherwise.”

Steinberg and Wakins go on to state that the benefits of small-group coaching as the following:

  1. Immersion in real-time group dynamics
  2. Insight into diverse perspectives
  3. Opportunities to practice new skills in a safe space
  4. A robust accountability system
  5. An enduring support network

RFL Mastermind provides all of the benefits and more! We bring local women leaders together who are committed to their own success, as well as the success of each individual member in the mastermind group. Working together, and with a coach, the participants of RFL Mastermind experience growth, elevate their careers, enhance their personal lives, create lasting relationships, and expand their network.

RFL Mastermind is not your usual course where you get step by step instructions as to how to handler different work situations. This program makes you grow as a leader, and understand the purpose as to why you want to continue a different path or stay in the same path. I have had so many reflections about the changes I want to make to myself, and after all the advice and conversations through the group and my coach I was promoted at work! And I can only think what the future is holding!” – Renee Espinoza, RFL Mastermind 5 Alumni

Nancy Fredericks, the preeminent coach and facilitator of RFL Mastermind, guides the group with compassion, honesty, respect and a profound amount of wisdom. With over 30 years of experience, Nancy is known for her creative, real-life solutions that generate candid, lively, content-rich dialogue for career-shifting breakthroughs. Throughout her time as a women’s executive coach, she has acquired the reputation for optimizing performance while producing outstanding results for her clients. Most importantly, however, Nancy is passionate about seeing women thrive in their careers and life.

“It is a rare and special opportunity to connect with a small group of professionals across sectors and to build a safe and candid space to learn and grow in. Additionally, access to coaching with Nancy was hugely beneficial for me.” – Laura Armstrong, RFL Mastermind 6 Alumni

In the book, “Helping People Change: Coaching with Compassion for Lifelong Learning” the authors (Richard Boyatzis, Melvin L. Smith and Ellen Van Oosten) use research-backed theories to explain what makes a phenomenal coach. “When coaches are mindful, they are fully present with the person they are coaching, staying in the moment with full and conscious awareness. They are completely tuned into that person and what they are saying, as well as what they seem to be feeling … This leads to a genuine and authentic connection where the person being coached often feels as if he is having a comfortable and relaxed conversation with a close friend. Great coaches also ignite a deep sense of meaning and hope. Sometimes they are reigniting what the person they are coaching once felt but has lost over time. .. Thus an effective coach poses questions that invite reflection and uncover what is most important and meaningful to the individual. Effective coaches help create a sense of hope, instilling a sense of confidence in the people they coach that the ideal future they envision is indeed achievable with intentional, focused effort. Finally, effective coaches demonstrate their care for others … and are willing to act on that concern, offering guidance and support as necessary to help the individuals they are coaching achieve their dreams. Ultimately, effective coaches inspire others. After a coaching conversation, people should feel charged up, excited, and full of purposeful movement toward their dreams.”

Nancy Fredericks checks all of these boxes, helping make RFL Mastermind one of the most esteemed peer-coaching programs in the nation!

RFL Mastermind is for women in leadership and business who are ready to experience growth, learn new skills, elevate your career and life, and develop meaningful and lasting relationships.

We are currently accepting applications and nominations for RFL Mastermind starting in January 2022. To learn more about RFL Mastermind (and to apply and/or nominate a leader) please visit