RFL helps individuals and organizations build effective leaders through training, practice, and application. Our leadership training and programs immerse individuals in experiential learning to shift conversations from ‘right/wrong’ to ‘what works/doesn’t work.’ This builds a safe and trusted environment so that collaborative decision-making and civic dialogue are possible. Upon completion of the programs, we connect our leaders to opportunities to serve for the betterment of our local communities

We are looking for individuals who are fully committed to the vision and service of RFL and dedicated to carrying out its mission and the work of the organization. As a Board Member, there are a series of obligations to fulfill including board meeting participation, committee meeting participation, and a financial contribution to the organization.

Open board positions:

1. Fundraising Chair:

    • Maintain and build relationships within the community
    • Raise philanthropic contributions
    • Oversee the fundraising committee

2. Marketing Chair:

    • Set the marketing strategy
    • Uncover RFL success stories
    • Oversee the marketing committee

3. General Board Position

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