What brought you to the Roaring Fork Valley and how long have you been here? My parents moved here hoping for a brighter future and brought us a couple of years later. I have been in the valley for 27 years.

What was your most interesting or unusual job? Working at a moving and storage company. I held a number of positions and then the company was sold.

Why did you apply to be in RFL Mastermind?Because I would love to find my voice and the tools to revive my confidence and drive and direct that to my entrepreneurship as confidently as I have done for other jobs.

What are your thoughts about the first session? I liked the first session, making time to do interactive activities makes a difference for those of us that are more hands on. I appreciated the time to connect with my teammates. My favorite part was how Nancy challenged some of us individually and encouraged us to see beyond our first reactions and walked us through exploring our options.

What is your definition of success? Being able to walk away or take time off and the business run itself by efficient personnel. Financial freedom and continued growth.

What are you most proud of in the last year? The growth and development of our organization. We have made important connections and relationships with key members or the community that are supportive and like minded.

What do regret not doing in the last year? Not investing more time and money in trainings and education.

What’s something you want to do in the next year that you’ve never done before? Elevate my level of training and teach under a pre-set curriculum and under the mentorship of a recognized professional.

What’s the best advice you ever heard? Whatever you do, do it with love.

What would you say to someone contemplating applying to RFL Mastermind? Do it! Absolutely, you deserve to give yourself the opportunity for growth.