RFL is very excited to be working with the following organizations to support their efforts to improve our community!

  • Team 1: Valley View Hospital, Meals on Wheels

    The RFL team can help seek community partners for the Meals on Wheels program while developing a business proposal. The team can brainstorm funding opportunities and engage key stakeholders within the community to collaborate in sustaining the program. The RFL team can conduct a needs assessment within the Roaring Fork Valley to better understand the population and overall need in our community for this service. In 2018, the program served 2,167 meals to 32 community members in Glenwood Springs.

  • Team 2: YouthZone, Community Space

    YouthZone purchased a 9,000 sqaure foot building last year. We use the top floor with 4,500 sq. ft. and the basement is another 4,500 sq ft. and is unused currently. We are a community organization and have a vision to use this space to support a current need and also to become an income generator for YouthZone’s sustainability. We need to find a solution that will be both a way to enhance our community and bring in income for YouthZone. The RFL team will lead focus groups, hold community conversations and build a strategic plan based on that information.

  • Team 3: YouthZone, Youth-Led Restorative Justice

    YouthZone has the adult led model currently in place, the RFL team would help create a program logic model, recruiting and training of youth leaders, a sustainability plan and cost analysis of the implementation of the program. Along with the actual program model for YZ, we also would like to have a training method for us to train area schools if they want to implement themselves.

  • Team 4: Roaring Fork High School , Community Space

    With new leadership at Roaring Fork High School we are interested in connecting with the whole Carbondale community and trying to make our building a better place where community members see us as a center of the community, a positive place, and a place of resource. RFL could help us determine ways to draw the community to our building. Small groups or survey collections about what we must do to help everyone feel welcome and know what services would be best for us to off

  • Team 5: Sacred Cycle, Strategic Plan

    We are seeking help restructuring our organization to ensure we continue to offer crucial services to an underserved population. More specifically, we need help identifying missing elements and problems with the presentation of our brand, website and marketing materials that are prohibiting us from receiving funding to carry out our mission.

  • Team 6: 5 Point Film Festival, Earth Day Initiative

    The RFL team would help add bandwidth to 5Point’s efforts to brainstorm, plan, organize and execute the Earth Day activation on April 22. First, 5Point is looking for ideas on how to best highlight the ways that Carbondale may be affected by climate change according to the Town of Carbondale Vulnerability, Consequences, and Adaptation Planning Scenarios (VCAPS Report).