Life and Leadership Skills for Youth

Spark is a youth leadership program intended to increase social, emotional, and leadership learning for young people, grades K-12. The program’s goal is to “empower youth to be the next generation of leaders in the Roaring Fork Valley and beyond.” We will achieve this by teaching valuable life skills – interpersonal awareness, assertiveness, and communication, problem-solving, sound decision making, integrity and conflict resolution – all to increase self-sufficiency and personal capacity, setting kids up for success in adulthood and the workplace.

Igniting Potential

SPARK will give kids the tools to communicate in an effective manor – advocate for themselves, build healthy and satisfying relationships, understand what’s happening in their internal environment and how to communicate that to the people that matter most. Leadership development is not an end but a means to participation in and the creation of a more just and equitable society in which youth are valued and have the opportunity to be productive and connected citizens who make meaningful contributions (professionally and in the community) – now and throughout their adult lives.

Organization’s we work with:

COVENTURE – Trade School initiative


GLENWOOD SPRINGS CHAMBER RESORT ASSOCIATION – Strawberry Days Youth Scholarships and civic programming