Discovering Integrity As An Access to High Performance

Just about anyone you respect will tell you that they value integrity. And if asked if we consider ourselves to be persons of integrity, most of us would respond emphatically, “Yes!”

Yet integrity – this thing we all profess to value – seems n such short supply in our communities and in society as a whole. It’s weird, isn’t it? Maybe we haven’t considered what integrity really is.

Maybe what we’ve been missing is that integrity is not just a luxury – something that would be nice to have. Rather it is as valid a factor of production as knowledge, labor, technology, or capital.

Christopher C. Gates, Managing Director, J.P. Morgan Securities LLC, supports individuals and family groups with wealth planning and investment selection. As a volunteer, he works with grassroots community leaders in Northern Ireland, Israel, and the US through the Mastery Foundation School for Leadership where he is a financial sponsor, program leader, and a coach. A member of SAG, he has appeared on TV and film. For a short clip of this talk, click here. Christopher lives in New York City and Aspen, CO, and can be contacted at [email protected]