Transforming FEAR

Are your tired of FEAR running your life yet?

Are you interested in taking your power back from FEAR?

Are you ready to upgrade your relationship with FEAR?

FEAR, is no small topic as it is one of the most powerful emotions & experiences in life. Like many powerful emotions, FEAR is very misunderstood & most of us didn’t learn how to deal with it in a healthy way. Transforming FEAR offers fresh perspectives on FEAR and how to lower your resistance to the unknown so you can redirect your FEARS into PURPOSEFUL ACTION.

In this INTERACTIVE session, participants will learn how to:

  • Recognize the differences between mental FEAR and physical FEAR
  • Transform FEAR into the messenger NOT the master
  • Transform FEAR from being an enemy into being an ally
  • Transform your overall relationship with FEAR


Facilitator: Greg Cortopassi has been the opening and closing trainer for RFL (Roaring Fork Center for Community Leadership) for the last 24 years. Through his extensive experience in professional education, business development and process facilitation for over 35 years, he has earned the reputation for being a highly effective Personal and Organizational Catalyst. For more information on Greg’s services visit or to check out his unique Nature Photography at