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May 4, 2023 from 1-5P @ Anderson Ranch, Snowmass Village

In celebration of RFL’s 35th Anniversary, exclusive to RFL Academy Alumni, SOUL Leadership offers you a way to build off a few of the Conscious Leadership principles that we LIVE & LEAD from the INSIDE OUT. Leadership is a BEHAVIOR available to ALL, not a roll available to a few. SOUL Leadership is not a just a program but a way of life. Like RFL Academy has been for many of us, this most recent Curriculum & Life Skills have been a total GAME CHANGER for Greg Cortopassi, as a leader and for many of my clients. Greg is excited to share this with YOU!

44 in stock

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RFL is thrilled to share SOUL Leadership with you as a way to honor our 35th anniversary.

WHAT IF having a SOUL is not just a concept but also a highly effective way to navigate and experience your ideal life?

WHAT IF your SOUL is the foundation for your truest visions, deepest values and most authentic version of how you LIVE & LEAD in the world?

WHAT IF your SOUL is interactive and is your greatest asset and closest ally?

The Overall objective of this interactive program is to introduce you to some of the skills and benefits of Connecting and Co-Creating with your SOUL. 

Expanding on the foundations established in Conscious Leadership you as fellow alumni will be introduced to:

  • Clarifying and Aligning with what SOUL & SOUL LEADERSHIP is to you
  • Tapping into the 4 major WISDOM CENTERS
  • Maximizing your PERSONAL POWER
  • The 3 C’s of AWAKENING

When: Thursday, May 4, from 1-5P

Where: Anderson Ranch, Snowmass Village, CO

Cost:  A$350 tax-deductable donation (or you are welcome to donate more since this is a fundraiser – Limited scholarships available).


Facilitator: Greg Cortopassi has been the opening and closing trainer for RFL for the last 29 years. Through his extensive experience in professional education, business development and process facilitation for over 40 years, he has earned the reputation for being a highly effective Personal and Organizational Catalyst.


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