Where are you originally from? Annapolis, Maryland

What brought you to the Roaring Fork Valley and how long have you been here? My job with Design Workshop brought me to the valley and I’ve been here 3.5 years.

What was your most interesting or unusual job? My most interesting job was working at Philmont Scout Ranch for 9 seasons. One summer I led a living history homesteading camp complete with an historic turn of the century farmhouse, chickens, burros, a cow and calf, sheep, pigs, a vegetable garden and 100 eager boy scouts everyday to help us with homesteading chores.

Why did you apply to be in RFL? I applied to be in RFL because it attracts those who are passionate about their community and encourages them to become more involved, to expand their leadership skills within and beyond their professional capacity, and to make connections across the network of emerging leaders.

What is your definition of success? My definition of success is meeting the standards you set for your unique self: resisting the distractions of other’s expectations of you and focusing on your own goals and aspirations.

What are you most proud of in the last year? I am proud of becoming a licensed landscape architect after successfully passing 4 licensing exams in less than 12 months.

What do regret not doing in the last year? Living among the natural beauty of the Roaring Fork Valley, I always regret not spending more time in the great outdoors: exploring, hiking, camping, skiing, etc…

Anything you would like to share so far about your RFL experience? I’m already thankful for the strong, supportive network that RFL creates, both in our class and within the alumni network.