Need a keynote for your next event. Andrea Palm-Porter can bring engaging and inspiring talks. With her 25 years working and studying in the leadership world, she leaves the room in quandary provoking a new way of thinking and approaching life.

  • Stop & Pause – The Difference a Moment Can Make
    • By taking a second, a single breath, before you respond – can make all the difference in the world. (Any understanding why we sometimes don’t.)
  • The Emotionally Intelligent Leader
    • In this keynote, we will look at emotional intelligence (EQ) – how it works and why it works. It is a much stronger indicator of success in work and relationships than cognitive intelligence (IQ), and it can be learned!
  • Being Happy, Stress-free and Resilient
    • This talk shares insight and strategies into dealing with the fast past way of life that is occurring in today’s world. You’ll hear concepts on what stress really is, how to cope, and how to shift your mindset to see that the world is full of possibilities.

Looking for something else……Andrea is happy to explore topic ideas that will fit your group. Call RFL today to schedule your keynote date!