RFL Spring 2021 White Paper


In RFL's Post-Pandemic White Paper, it address' what it takes to be a effective leader and organization in today's ever changing world. It includes trends regarding organizational structure (global and domestic), communication strategies, decision-making and problem-solving, and a transformational leadership approach. Enter your info below to receive an email to access the white paper:

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Leaders Wanted to Shape our Future


                       FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  Leaders Wanted to Shape our Future: Roaring Fork Leadership is Accepting Applications for RFL Academy 2021  Aspen, CO (May 14, 2020) – The most important factor going forward in today’s COVID-19 environment is leadership and developing community leaders. That is why it's more important than ever before for RFL to continue to prepare those who will shape our communities and our world. The Roaring Fork Valley’s foremost leadership and professional development program, Roaring Fork Leadership (RFL) is now accepting applications for their annual leadership program, RFL Academy 2021.    The annual RFL Academy entails [...]

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Empathy…a lost skill?


Empathy……a lost skill. Emotional Intelligence (EQ or EI) has more impact on one’s success in life compared to IQ. Developing your EQ is one of the most important skills to have as a human being and successful leader. To top this off, 72 percent of business leaders are stating the need for more empathy in their organization for sustainable business success in today’s workplace. To that end, we need more empathy and people willing to be vulnerable in our organizations, with each other, and on our planet. At our February RFL Academy session, the topic was Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in Action. [...]

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RFL Academy 2020 Civic Project Selections


RFL is very excited to be working with the following organizations to support their efforts to improve our community! Team 1: Valley View Hospital, Meals on Wheels The RFL team can help seek community partners for the Meals on Wheels program while developing a business proposal. The team can brainstorm funding opportunities and engage key stakeholders within the community to collaborate in sustaining the program. The RFL team can conduct a needs assessment within the Roaring Fork Valley to better understand the population and overall need in our community for this service. In 2018, the program served 2,167 meals to 32 community [...]

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RFL Civic Project Opportunity for Alumni


Your Community Needs YOU!  Use your unique leadership skill set to connect with your community! RFL has seven amazing civic project ideas that will give you the opportunity to help them enact tramendous change throughout the valley. If you want to be apart of an RFL Alumni Civic Project Team let us know - with enough interest this effort could help support more local intiatives! To sign up for any of these civic project ideas - click here! Safe Drive/Imagine Glenwood: Help us develop a strategic plan including a media campaign to slow and control traffic to the [...]

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RFL in Action (and in Africa): Austin Klise


Austin Klise, RFL Academy 2018 Alumni, moved to Africa in 2019 (Sierra Leone). He's pretty far out in the bush and is working with, First Things First, an organization working with locals who have good ideas and want to help themselves and their community. Austin’s work feels similar to his experience working in the RFL civic project team, only now as a full-time job in Africa. Austin shares that it’s been a wild experience applying the RFL lessons in a third world country with a completely different value system, social system, etc. For example, nobody lives as an "individual" everyone is defined by their collective [...]

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RFL Women’s Mastermind Group 2019, Sarah Kelly


What brought you to the Roaring Fork Valley and how long have you been here? I moved to the valley when I was 11 with my family. After trying a number of times to leave as an adult, I have enjoyed living here full-time for the last 14 years. What was your most interesting or unusual job? I had a summer job as a dock hand at a resort in Washington state. It involved everything to getting people set up for activities, docking their boats, and urinals which I hope to never do again. My current job as program director at English In [...]

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RFL Academy is Transformational! RFL Academy 2019, Kim Wells


What if change is necessary in order to grow? What if I were to step out of my comfort zone and take a risk? What if I concentrate on the good that could come of this, rather than the bad? What would I get? I reconnected with old friends and colleagues- one led me to a volunteer opportunity which reconnected me with a passion that been long ago set aside. My passion for working with animals introduced me to a new community.  A community of those with vulnerabilities. Through this work, my own vulnerabilities began to surface.  I started to realize [...]

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RFL Academy is Transformational! RFL Academy 2019, Karen McConnell


To celebrate earning my Bachelor's Degree, I chose to take a hiking tour. I hiked over 55 miles in 6 days in the lands of my McConnell ancestors – walking in their footsteps if you will.  I also chose the hiking tour that included this bridge which is over 90 feet above the ocean for a reason which may sound strange to you – I wanted to overcome my fear of heights – and I did.  Granted, I didn’t look down a great deal or linger but I felt a rush of satisfaction after crossing and re-crossing that bridge. This year [...]

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RFL Academy is Transformational! RFL Academy 2019, Alex Ewers


RFL has been a fantastic, confusing, happy, and sad time for me. From EQ to hugs, to getting yelled at, to the 500 books I'm now supposed to read, there's been a lot to take in. I've discussed parts parts of RFL with my wife throughout the last 8 months, while still holding back anything that may indicate I joined a cult. But a few weeks ago, I asked her if she has noticed any difference in me since I started the program. I was pleasantly surprised that she said that I now approach potentially contentious conversations with more grace and [...]

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