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RFL Live: Resilience Experience with Theresa Anuszewski


An Opportunity to Explore Resiliency Through Feedback: Human brains are like machines, they are constantly scanning the environment for threats, using past experiences to quickly assess and size up this present situation.  By using past experiences, the brain completes these assessments (judgements) within nanoseconds.  These judgements then influence decision making.  Because humans are communicating all the time, we are giving and receiving feedback through our actions, facial expressions, lack of action, verbal and written responses, body language, tone of voice, etc. Being present to this dynamic is key to being an effective leader.  Without it, leaders often become isolated and do [...]

RFL Live: Resiliency Experience with Farr Shepherd


Cybersecurity & Peace of Mind As Technology ecosystems advance quickly so do the skills of Cybercriminals and your online presence is much more visible and penetrable than you may realize. The domino effect of someone breaching your presence can be devastating. In this presentation, you will learn steps you can take now to ensure your digital safety and peace of mind in our tech-centric world. Presented by: Farr Shepherd | President | Business Development Manager. Farr holds a Bachelor of Business degree in Management and MIS. He has over 18 years of experience in IT, and over 15 years of experience in [...]

RFL Live: Resiliency Experience with Andrea Palm-Porter


Empathy….a lost skill? I hope not. Empathy is noted by McKinsey & Company as one of the five leadership skills that can help you respond effectively to Covid-19 (and during everyday practices.) During a crisis is when being self-aware and utilizing your empathy skills are most important as a leader. We need to acknowledge what people are experiencing, listen deeply to understand their perspective, and then respond with kindness. During this Resilience Experience, gain a better understanding of what empathy really is, when and how you can be empathetic, and put it into practice. Andrea Palm-Porter, Certified Master EQ-i 2.0/360 Practitioner [...]

RFL Live: Resiliency Experience with Carrieann Angrisani


Resilience Through Tuning Your Inner Compass - Free Event Inner resources are essential guideposts during times of stress and change. When we pause to appreciate and tune-in to our innate wisdom we are poised to meet the moment. As we grow through challenges and experience our strengths and resourcefulness under pressure our inner compass becomes our guide. Balancing the vital layers of our being, we access an inner freedom that becomes the north star through times of peace and times of struggle. Founder of The Uplift Collective where practitioners blend their perspectives to uplift community. Licensed Life Coach, Speaker, and Facilitator [...]