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Creating Your Post-COVID Future

For a lot of us, the recent pandemic has resulted in big changes to our day-to-day lives. Some of us have lost our jobs or had our pay reduced. The entrepreneurs among us may have lost some or all of their business. And some of us are more busy than ever, maybe to the point of overwhelm.

“Resilience” means to bounce back. Presumably to what was.

But what if it could be more? What if resilience could be about fixing what was not working, too? About creating something new, that works better for you and the world?

This session will provide open discussion and tools and practices to help you manage this time with an eye toward making a transition.

Certified Presence Based® Coach: Jeff Munn offers one-on-one coaching, workshop training, and keynote speaking engagements. Jeff’s approach draws from a framework called Creating Extraordinary Futures (CEF), which you can read more about on his website. Jeff offers this framework in a variety of contexts.


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