Connect is a volunteer matching system designed to align community members’ skills and interests with relevant volunteer leadership opportunities for local non-profit organizations, municipalities and such.  Connect is seeking to merge the passionate volunteer spirit in the Roaring Fork Valley with worthy local causes.

With the sudden change in the actions of our daily lives due to COVID-19. Our ability to connect in person has shifted, but our capability to remain supportive has not. Various efforts throughout the valley are seeking volunteer help. It is the goal of RFL Connect to provide local volunteer opportunities. You can find these efforts (search all opportunities) below and post new ones!  

The system enables matches in two ways:

1) As a Volunteer: engage with our page here to learn about local volunteer opportunities and share with your friends. Already registered volunteer – click here.

2) As an Organization: post your unique volunteer opportunities for others to join your cause. Already registered organization – click here.

It’s that simple!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate? We invite all members of the community seeking to make a difference in their community by offering their leadership capabilities in volunteer roles.

How does it work? Simply register as a volunteer or your organization.

What if I’m already committed to another organization at this time? We suggest that you register anyway, to get yourself in the system so that when new opportunities present themselves, you can be notified. It is still your choice to explore the opportunity or not. You never know, you may find something that you’d like to be involved in that only takes a few weeks, or perhaps a new opportunity will be presented that better aligns with your current commitment. In either case, setting up your profile is your access to these opportunities.

If I am contacted, what is my obligation to that organization? This service is designed to ‘make the connection’. Both parties – the individual and the organization – will still need to follow whatever vetting process they have to determine if this is the right match for them. Neither party is obligated to accept the volunteer opportunity. We do ask that you reply to any organizational requests that come through to close-the-loop with the requestor.

Is there any cost to participate in this program? It’s FREE!

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