Civic Projects– Working Together to Solve Community Issues

Roaring Fork Leadership (RFL) recently engaged with Colorado State University to examine the Roaring Fork Valley’s Civic Capacity. Utilizing the Civic Capacity Index (CCI), the CCI looks at a community’s ability to collectively respond and make progress on shared and complex challenges in cooperative, equitable, and democratic ways. Unfortunately, the results of this study indicate that the Roaring Fork Valley is struggling … 

But there’s hope! If you’re looking to be a part of the positive change then look no further. Every year the participants of RFL Academy work on Civic Projects, in collaboration with local organizations, to address our Valley’s most pressing issues such as transportation, child-care availability, housing, climate change, food security, education, and mental health. 

This year, we have 36 RFL Academy participants who are eager to increase our communities Civic Capacity by working on Civic Projects, submitted by you – our community. The purpose of these projects is: 

  • To provide a laboratory for participants to practice leadership skills, personal and team-oriented, and apply new, transformational concepts. 
  •  To develop a sense of personal efficacy – “I can change things” and collective efficacy “Together, we can make a difference. 
  •   To make an impact in the community – we refer to this as our ‘Community Return on Investment’ (C-ROI). 

Since 2007 RFL Academy has completed 73 Civic Projects. To see a list of previously completed Civic Projects, and partnering organizations (such as Roaring Fork High School, YouthZone, Valley View Hospital, Sacred Cycle, APCHA, Aspen Strong), click here. 

Deadline to submit your project idea: September 24th at 5PM

PS: If you are unsure about your project idea or want to discuss further, don’t hesitate to contact me @ 970-922-6035 or [email protected].