Project Description

Tony Mendez, RFL Academy 2013

Roaring Fork Leadership (“RFL”) has affected my leadership journey by connecting me with individuals who are also on their own leadership journey. I love meeting alumni from the same cohort as I, or meeting alumni from other cohorts. We instantly have a connection which we can grab onto and build upon. I also love talking with people who have never participated in the program. Everyone can be a leader, and I’ve taken it upon myself to empower others to see their own potential.

RFL has impacted my life by teaching me the language of leadership. Since graduating from the program, I’ve used the skills and knowledge taught in both my personal and professional life. Knowing the language of leadership has helped me, and continues to help me, lead teams of any size in projects, both big and small. The skills and knowledge taught in the program have impacted my life by raising my level of awareness, skill, and education, so that I may continue to be of service to the communities I’m involved in.