Project Description

Senior Operations Assistant for the City of Aspen

Being employed through the City of Aspen has allowed me to become more involved with community-based events, the most recent being the 5 month Citizen’s Academy program that is offered. As a staff member with the City, this program allowed me to expand my knowledge about the variety of departments that contribute to the management, preservation, and growth of the city as a whole. Roaring Fork Leadership I was nominated by an RFL alumni to participate in the academy for 2021.

A personal goal I had for the year was to complete a professional development program and I believe RFL will be the perfect fit. Considering all of the challenges that go along with day to day communication, management, and leadership in all professions, I am eager to learn new ways to be a well – rounded leader moving forward in my career. I’m looking forward to developing strong community relationships, focusing on my personal accountability, and learning from an incredible group of individuals working towards the same goal.

RFL Academy 2022 now accepting applications – learn more here!