Last month RFL Academy 2012 alumni, Kevin Warner was named the new Aspen-Sopris District Ranger of the White River National Forest! This promotion is huge and equates to Kevin overseeing 750,000 acres of forest lands within five different wilderness areas, including with five ski resorts, and the Maroon Bells Recreation Area.
   Congratulations, Kevin!

We asked Kevin how his time with RFL helped him reach this instrumental advancement in his career. Here are two points that impacted him the most! 
  1. GO SLOW TO GO FAST.  I try to practice this any time that I am starting something new.  I have found it most appropriate and helpful when bringing a new team together and focusing on building the relationships first before diving into all of the hard work.”
  2. POSSIBLE WAYS OF BEING.  One of the things that I still think about frequently is that there are different ways of being and that you aren’t “stuck” with just one.  This is such a freeing thought, and especially in challenging situations I try to think about how I can best show up to the situation.”