To celebrate earning my Bachelor’s Degree, I chose to take a hiking tour. I hiked over 55 miles in 6 days in the lands of my McConnell ancestors – walking in their footsteps if you will.  I also chose the hiking tour that included this bridge which is over 90 feet above the ocean for a reason which may sound strange to you – I wanted to overcome my fear of heights – and I did.  Granted, I didn’t look down a great deal or linger but I felt a rush of satisfaction after crossing and re-crossing that bridge.

This year in Roaring Fork Leadership I felt many of the same feelings – challenged and satisfied in my accomplishments for the following reasons:

  • I was part of an awesome team;
  • I was constantly fed life-changing information and grew more confident as the year progressed.
  • I’ve been amazed at the individual talents, strengths and personalities of our team.We all came together and worked as one and in what I can only deem as “breakthroughs” during some of our team meetings as we faced challenges of changing focus for our project with APCHA.
  • We had great coaches – Bryan and Becky. They assisted as needed and when they weren’t needed they discreetly stepped aside and acted as observers.
  • I have to admit that, previous to Roaring Fork Leadership, I’ve kind of squirmed at the thought of a “team”; however, this team surpassed all I’ve been involved in and I’ll truly miss being in regular contact with them.
  • As team co-liaison I disseminated information rather quickly and worked to make it easily understood on short notice during busy workdays. This process has aided me more than words can say.

To sum up my year in the RFL Academy 2019, I’d say never quit growing and never quit challenging yourself to move forward and overcome fears and challenges. Growth never ends!